上市日期: 2018-03-09

Item Number: MRC25251

Product Description: 25 SHOTS SQUARE CAKE

Tube Size: 25X30X150mm

Effect Description:

Charaterized by blue, red strobe or crackling mines to various wonderful color peony,

strobe or titanium chrysanthemum

Duration: 35 seconds


A: Blue tail and blue mine to white strobe and red&blue stars

B: Red glittering tail to red strobe with lemon and purple stars

C: Red tail and blue mine to red strobe with purple and green stars

D: Green tail crackling mine to red strobe

E: Time rain mine to gold chrysanthemum with red and green stars

Price information

Packing:12/1 (12pcs into a shipping carton)

Carton CBM: 0.043m 3

Gross weight: 24kg/CTN

Tube Size:25*30*150mm/1*6

Unit Size:150*150*150mm/6*6*6


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