MANDARIN FIREWORKS, since 2006, is located in LIUYANG, China. Our strengths are:

◎ RICH PRODUCTS RESOURCES-offering one-stop purchase services

We have close cooperations with over 60 factories and supply various fireworks products, including Display shells, Cakes/batteries, Roman candles, Fountains, Rockets, Banger/Crackers, Novelties/Toy items, stage fountains, etc.. You can purchase all fireworks products from our company which saves your time and money!

Professional Inspection Team-offering Strict Internal Quality Control services

Our inspection team conduct the quality control procedures as follows:

◎ Sample confirmation before massive production

◎Inspection during massive production

◎ Inspection and recording after massive production


Rich factory resources and well management on the supply chain guarantee on-time delivery.

MANDAIRN FIREWORKS, makes your purchase easier!



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